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Tom Kyte

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After graduating college through various institutions with an undergraduate degree in general biology, I was accepted into the microbiology and immunology department where I received my PhD.

My thesis research at the time dealt with the effects of heavy metals, specifically lead and mercury, on the immune system and on immune response.

I had started in grad school hoping to study immunology, cellular immunology and immune mechanisms. Right from the very beginning I got into this field of what we call "immunotoxicology" where for example, we would use metals as tools to provoke changes in the immune response and study them both from the perspective of the immune system as well as the relevance to toxicology issues.

Following grad school I moved into studying cellular mechanisms of cell death, focusing mainly on apoptotic and necrotic signaling pathways. After completing my post-doctoral period in two years, I decided to go on my own and move into the Holistic Medicine field.

Long story short, I am very passionate about what I do as you can see from this website. The basis of my latest research has largely been one of studying mechanisms of induced changes brought on by chemical toxins, stress, and microorganisms on the immune system with connections to how this is relevant to various immune mediated diseases.

So when I talk about anything that has to do with eating for your immune system, I'm definitely not joking around.

To my friends and readers,

I hate when you are sick because 99% of the time it's an inconvenience for everyone and it could have easily been prevented if A and B were in place.

When I see your Facebook posts being sick with the flu, I'm not going to wish you a speedy recovery like everyone else. . . What you really need is a kick in the ass. So I'm gonna tell you where, when and why you messed up and what you need do so this nonsense doesn't happen again.